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Meet the Team

Alpine Valley Dentistry Staff


Current Position: Financial Coordinator

Start Date: January 2012

Childhood Ambition: Be over 6 feet tall to play basketball

Fondest Memory: Being with my girls and husband in the Provo Temple

Indulgence: Working on my puzzles, Diet mountain dew

Likes: Puzzles, Books, Math, Going on mini outside “adventures,” all animals

Dislikes: Bullying, seafood, video games, intolerance

Last Purchase: Breakfast sandwich, greek yogurt, cup of ice

Favorite Song: Let Her Go by Passenger

Favorite Movies: Man in the Iron Mask, Any Three Musketeer Movie

Inspiration: Anyone that is doing good, my faith, my family

My Life: My life is full of good things and amazing people

Favorite Things to Do: Play board games with my family, spend time outside in the mountains



Current Position: Receptionist

Start Date: Feb 2017

Childhood Ambition: To be a Dance teacher

Fondest Memory: I have so many of course my wedding and my children’s birth’s stand out the most.

Indulgence: I LOVE Dr Pepper and Cheesecake

Most selfish thing I’ve done: I always feel bad buying things for myself

Likes: My kids, My hubby, Disney everything, Dancing and singing, crafting/ painting

Dislikes: Winter, Seafood :p yuck, laundry or more specific socks

Last Purchase: Food with a family of seven it’s always food

Favorite Song: I don’t have a favorite I like a lot of music

Favorite Movies: Disney movies I LOVE them!

Inspiration: my husband for his hard work, my parents for the love they have showed me, and my grandma she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet who does not judge and loves everyone.

My Life: I have had many up’s and down’s as all people do but everything in my life is what has made me who I am and hopefully the is a stronger person.

Favorite Things to Do: vacations with my family, having game night, girl night or day with friends sister’s and my mom


Current Position: Dental Assistant

Start Date: August 2017

Childhood Ambition: A dental assistant:) I always looked forward to my dental appointment.  I would tell the assistants that one day I’ll do what they’re doing.

Indulgence: Diet Dr Pepper, watermelon sour patch, and the GYM

Most selfish thing I’ve done: Bought a new expensive car that I didn’t need

Likes: I love the gym-weight lifting!, shooting guns, boating, tumbling, dance, America, the Dallas Cowboys, mexican food,  outdoors and nature

Dislikes: Mean people, pickles, velvet clothing

Last Purchase: Deer frame from Target

Favorite Song: “I wanna talk about me”-Toby Keith, “Amarillo by morning”-George Strait

Favorite Movies:  Peter Pan, Inglorious Bastards

Favorite Things to Do: Working out, long drives, listening to my favorite songs, going to Angel’s games, going to the temple

Inspiration: My family and faith

My Life: I’ve had many trials in my life but I’m grateful for them because they have made me strong and who I am today.  Life is beautiful and a blessing.


Current Position: Dental Assistant

Start Date: Feb 2017

Childhood Ambition: To be a gymnast

Fondest Memory:

Indulgence: Anything  With Oreos in it

Likes: Summer, outdoor things

Dislikes: winter

Last Purchase: drinks

Favorite Song: I don’t have a favorite but I like country

Favorite Movies: I like Mystery movies

Inspiration: My family

My Life: I’m always ready for a new adventure

Favorite Things to Do: I love being with my family and friends, going for rides in the razor, traveling and, being at the lake



Current Position: Dental Hygienist

Start Date: June 2013

Childhood Ambition: When I was little I always wished I could turn myself into any animal I wanted at any given time.

Fondest Memory: Memories of my childhood and that of raising my own family

Indulgence: Staying in my pajamas all day on rainy days watching movies with my daughters

Most selfish thing I’ve done: Made a pan of brownies and ate the whole thing myself

Likes: The feeling you get when experiencing things for the very first time, tasting new foods, hearing new music, meeting new people. I love fresh air and learning.

Dislikes: Pollution, Arrogance

Last Purchase: Gifts

Favorite Song: Police, Anything by One Republic, Budapest by George Ezra, and “Sugar” by Maroon 5

Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Australia, The Book Thief

Inspiration: I’m inspired by the good in people, the ocean, mountains, trees, clouds, stars, and my family

My Life: Has been a huge blessing.


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